Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ooh. I took the weekend off. Almost.

I'm only going to go to work for a couple hours today. That's like taking the whole weekend off. Right now I'm waiting on a CG model and then I'm going to render and animate and render some more for about a month. 

You think Reddit is good for nothing but pictures of cats? A brilliant basic explanation of monetary theory is what you got here. Otherwiseyep gets you there.

Steve Burg did a bunch of concept art for Prometheus. Fun fact: the ship used to be called The Magellan.

Ha! In my family I'm one of the dumb ones. Actually, I think my IQ is low enough that it doesn't actively try to hurt my thinking, as it seems to do with higher-IQ people. This IQ of 117 was derived from my SAT's which I took in 1982. 
I signed up for Reddit Arbitrary Day. Because I thought it would make me feel good to give somebody a gift.
Here are the notes I have in my note sidebar.

212.461.4887 (the office phone number for Pandora Machine)
Red Priest (I thought this would be a cool name of a movie)
seconds - frankenheimer (Maduka suggested I see this movie, I can't believe I haven't)
pc2-5300 (333 MHz) (This is the RAM I have in my notebook)
&fmt=18 (this is for forcing YouTube videos to play)
sg classic p90 <$650 (my analysis of Craigslist prices says you should be able to get a Classic P90 SG for less than six hundred fifty bucks.)

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