Friday, October 26, 2012


This is, quite frankly, a terrible picture of me. I look dumpy and my hair is a mess. Who do I talk to about that? But I'm flying my ARDrone with the "outdoor" hull on.

The drone turns out to perform very well out of doors. It's easier to fly than indoors actually. Just like the Internet said it would. 

The footage from the onboard camera is wobbly but that's how dragons see so for a dragon-eye cam it's perfect.

Here I am with my iPod touch commanding the AR Drone. I was having a lot of trouble with my pants falling down. Maybe it's the Gerber knife on my belt?

Julia Rae Maldonado and Annalisa Loeffler look at the "dragon" (which is the POV of the quadcopter which you can find like Waldo.)

Dragon lands.

This scrum formed when we did playback of dragon-eye view footage.

This picture is for when we do the dumb comedy: Five whacky roommates have to live together for a year without driving one another crazy.

Julia Rae Maldonado stares down some soldiers.

I wanted to get below her but she was already sitting on the bottom step.

Joe Watson held me up so I could steady my shot.

Still life with camera, screenplay, and crossbow.

Julia Rae Maldonado has her makeup touched up by the Queen of Mars. 

The overly sexy Joe Watson rolls sound.

Joe Chapman is... doing what? Poking a hornet's nest? Who knows? I'm just shooting on clearly a long lens.

The Queen of Mars tells me what to do. I listen. And obey.

Julia Rae Maldonado eats her yummy Choco Nom Noms.

Choco Nom Noms are endorsed by superstar Joe Chapman.

Joe Watson was ready for his California shoot.

We must be getting close to the martini shot here. Joe Watson un-mics Annalisa Loeffler.

I shoot the last bit of chocolate eating with Julia while everyone else wraps.

Annalisa Loeffler has one for the Facebooks.


Aric Blue said...

Moviemaking looks like fun. Maybe I'll try it again some day.

Andrew Bellware said...

There's no money in it you know. ;-)

DAVID FREY said...

hahaha, I know Joe Watson. I worked with him on Willa, he's a funny man.