Saturday, October 13, 2012

Symphony, Peddler, Obfuscation

The Apogee Symphony is only two thousand bucks for 2 in and 6 out. That's a pretty good price actually. If you want some decent A/D and D/A conversions that looks to me like the way to go.

The Tune Peddler -- low cost production music. H/T to Jeremy Crowson.

Wait. What kind of guitar is that? ;-)
This just looks like the kind of crappy "put some gaffer's tape on the Gibson logo" that we'd do.

Gratuitous snugly and colorful birds.

There is zero reason to read anything below this line.

Get to Billings:

I got six charges:

tangler -- tied up some punk kids doping on muscle.
needler -- six punters outside the monorail station
nitro -- used on Chinese mechanized combat drone
-- and homer. 
  • Tangler produces a large sticky web of material which entangles and immobilizes anything it comes into contact with; it can be dissolved by regular police with special gear. It is used for capturing fugitives alive
  • Ripper an antipersonnel round similar to a hollow-point or hydroshock round. It is quite lethal.
  • Needler a round that breaks up into dozens of deadly needles. A type of flechette round.
  • Nitro a round with a high explosive warhead.
  • Vapor a tear gas round.
  • Homer a heat-seeking "smart" bullet. It homes in on evading targets with a temperature of 98.6 degrees. The charge kills the target by electrically burning out every nerve in the body. The homer can be decoyed by another warm body stepping in front of it.
Plus another full load in my belt.


Anthony said...

So I guess if the other guys have homers you send out the guy with the flu?

Andrew Bellware said...