Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Speech Fragment

Hello. I'm the military attache' for... well I'm here at the behest of your government actually. There are a number of (I believe the saying goes) "hoops we must jump through"? Yes. Certainly.
I will accept that I do find it quite confounding that you humans — you are all humans, right? I want to make sure I'm talking the right language to the right audience here — you humans actually use explosives to hurt one another?
I was at the Aberdeen range test firing some guns with your... paratroopers? I'm sorry what was that?
Joe Chapman's design work for Earthkiller.
Ah, yes, "commandos" is the word. They were quite fine gentlemen, they knew quite a bit about your technology and your military history.
Allow me, for the benefit of my own comrades, briefly explain the technology the humans are using. Basically it's a small amount of explosive that propels a bit of metal down a tube. The tube is rifled so the bit of metal starts to spin. Once the metal is spinning it exits the tube at just above or just below sound speed on Earth at sea level. The spinning is an attempt to stabilize the flight of the bullet.
Let me turn back to my friends from Earth. Yes my colleagues are a bit shocked. I don't believe we've used anything that wasn't laser based in a very long time. I think the humans will need to teach us much about shooting these, they're ballistic now aren't they?
Heavy too. Guns. It's somewhat surprising how effective they are when gravity and wind affect their accuracy, no? Well it is to us.
I mean I'm no longer a military man by profession but in my day I'd easily taken out targets which were hundreds of ... miles or kilometers? Which do you prefer? Ah, that's fine, nearly a thousand kilometers away using radar scopes and a quad bore enriched laser cannon.

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