Friday, October 19, 2012

Spam, Roosters, and Me

I finally gave in and donated $35 to the Obama campaign. Does this mean I'm going to get hit with even more Obamaspam? Oh I hope not.
Last night went with cousins to The Red Rooster. Up until now my favorite soul food place anywhere in the world was Soul Flavors. And I'm not saying The Red Rooster is better, but I am saying those two places are in the same league. It's really good.
Apparently I'm supposed to intersperse pictures of cute animals and naked people on this blog. The audience gets really agitated if I don't post correctly.
You know what there aren't enough of? Pictures of me on my blog(s).
 No, there just aren't.
Much better.


Lindsay Stewart said...

sweet SG! my hands are seizing up with arthritis so i have lost a lot of dexterity and gained a lot of discomfort which has led me to think about selling my SG and my Artwood acoustic. i am now a listener and no longer a capable musician. none of which stops me lusting for gear.

Andrew Bellware said...

Oof. Sorry about the arthritis. There's no drugs to help you out?

Lindsay Stewart said...

there are some drugs but they are hella expensive, come with no guarantee and some side effects. the one promising one is contraindicated with the allergy meds i take. at this age (51 next month), given heredity and other factors, i've accepted that my gigging days are over. there are other sorts of irresponsible fun to have!