Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So Here's A Serious Question

No really, this is a serious question.
Why make CD's anymore?

Oddly, I see the merit in making 12" vinyl records. And I see the merit in making .flac files and .mp3's for download. But why get anything in-between?

Do people actually listen to CD's anymore? I don't think my parents listen to CD's.
And everybody listens to digital downloads on the computers.

Now sure, when I say "everybody" I'm aware that somebody somewhere actually buys CD's and listens to them. They don't, for whatever reason, listen to an iPod or have their stereo hooked up to their computer and are otherwise living in the 1990's.

This cover art is by Andrew Daddio. I made a filthy scan of it though.
But honestly, for those 100 or so people in the world, can't we just make one-off replicated CD's for them and save the cost of making a thousand CD's?

As far as vinyl goes I have to go ahead and say it's a novelty item. Get over it. It's a novelty. It may be a cool novelty, but it's still a novelty. No, sit back down, they do not sound better than a digital system. How do I know? Because you can't replicate a double-blind study demonstrating that anybody actually knows or cares. I'm glad we cleared that up. And I'm glad I've used the word "replicate" three times so far in this post.

But people will buy vinyl of their favorite bands. I will. I have. I do. So selling vinyl makes some sort of sense to me. And putting music on Bandcamp and the like makes sense too. But... why CD's?

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