Friday, October 19, 2012

More Dragons

A very nice review of Prometheus Trap.

In two days we start shooting the dragon movie. I've kind of made a conscious decision to not get too bent out of shape before we start shooting a movie. Getting bent out of shape is very easy to do. I worry about whether the camera will work, whether we have all the costume pieces, whether I've made some egregious error in scheduling.
But you know what? Some things are going to get messed up. Some shots won't be quite as cool as I'd intended. Some will be better than I would have thought could happen. And if something really collapses (card failure, thunderstorms, Drew doesn't start drinking early enough) we can shoot it again. It's not like we're spending a thousand dollars every 11 minutes to shoot in 35...
There. I feel much better.


Kangas said...

Yes, I believe this is key to shooting a flick. Took me 3 movies to figure it out. Still hard to sleep the night before day 1, but I don't think I'm AS tense as I used to be.

Andrew Bellware said...

This is why I advocate cocktails on set.