Saturday, October 20, 2012

More about guitars

I might be convinced to put an inverted-polarity (I'm sorry, I mean "reverse wound") pickup in the neck position in my new SG.
Fralin actually makes a humbucking P-90 for, er, $130 a piece. So ha! For another $260 I could install new humbucking P-90 pickups in both positions. Heck, I might be able to re-sell the stock P-90 pickups inside the thing now.
Or I could party with a reverse-wound neck pickup. But the disadvantage of that is that it would encourage me to leave both pickups on all the time -- and both opened up all the way with their volume pots. And the last two T-Mouse rehearsals have shown me (finally) how to set the volume controls differently so I can flip back-and-forth between a clean and crunch sound simply by flipping pickups.
The whole reason for all this hand wringing over pickups is entirely the result of the dang EMF spit out by my multitude of computers. And since I record to some of those computers, I can't even turn them off.
These birds are more single-coil but I put them here as an example. Note that the second one is not reverse-wound.

I found an angle where the noise is reduced somewhat but it's still not adequate. Maybe I can figure something else? I'm not going to do anything right away. I'll keep the guitar as-is for a while.

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