Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dragon Girl day One

The woods. They're mythological. Or rather, welcome to the Dismal Swamp.
 We had a good first day of shooting. Joe Watson came out to do production sound and we got a bunch of beautiful footage.
Julia Maldonado enjoys her Choco Nom Noms (package designed by Hanna Garland.)

A closeup of the Nom Noms. Julia was actually tired of eating chocolate by the end of the day's shoot. Hee!
 My clothes were all begurgled with bug spray when I got home. But other than being stopped by the police (who informed us that we were actually on Federal land -- no matter what the maps say) we got almost the whole day shot.
After the Dragon Apocalypse, pray she's out there.
I'd never had a shoot stopped by the police before. It does play a bit of havoc with our locations. So we shoot in some parks.
While I had this light I decided to go for Facebook status update pictures.
The GH1 was being a bit troublesome. It's been hacked to shoot 23.976p and... well it just hates that. So it will just stop shooting and you actually have to pull the battery to get it to talk to you again. Plus, of course, the take you've done when it tells you it won't shoot anymore is history.
The brilliant Annalisa Loeffler as Miranda.

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Kangas said...

Camera freak sucks...haven't had any problem when I shot on the t2i, but haven't shot near as much stuff as you. (mine's hacked with the magic lantern, which is great)

And police, yeah, tell me about it...