Friday, March 07, 2008

Do What Ethan Says

These are my notes from multiple conversations with my friend Ethan regarding the modifications of my guitar.

Ethan says: A good guy for setups and such: Matt Brewster at 30th St. Guitars. He's great.

Ethan also says I want Grover Imperial tuners.

And maybe this Warmoth neck.

And perhaps these "Little 59" pickups in the neck position (or heck, the middle position on my guitar) to be little humbuckers.

Some people like the feel of semi-gloss ("satin") better. It just boils down to what you like. The "vintage tint" would look pretty boss, but it's more money.

Have them go with medium or medium-jumbo wire rather than the super-jumbo stuff. It'll intonate better.

For studios, try Dubway or Kilgore Sound Studios.

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