Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Visiting the Devil

So I went to Guitar Center to play some Gibson guitars. I'm thinking now that I want a Gibson Custom Shop Custom Les Paul. What I was hoping was that at the 14th Street Guitar Center they'd have, like, a half dozen (or more) Gibson Custom Shop Custom Les Pauls. But they only had two. Um, if I'm going to pay the going price for a new guitar, I'm gonna want to play more than one of them -- and if I have to order the guitar anyway then... well then...


I did confirm that the Custom Shop guitars are vastly better than the production models. They feel better, they sound better, they're about 5 pounds heavier. I want a wine red model. They're $3400. That part is less than good. But truthfully, you're not paying that much extra for the Gibson name. And the Custom Shop Customs seem to have the neck just right. The 50's neck is a bit too big, the 60's neck is a bit too small (for me).

But I did go and order a new (50's) neck for my "Bear" guitar anyway. So I'll have 2 guitars with the same scale (24 3/4") necks. With the tuners I blew about $500. Do I actually have the money to be doing any of this?

Of course not.

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