Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Information

This is really just so I remember about the history of this guitar:

"2006 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Custom shop). Very rare Oxblood you may know this is not a standard color....Gibson only made a handful of these(very limited). Comes with custom shop case and candy. I bought this guitar Sept. 06 from the Platinum room at the Guitar Center in Hollywood. It has been sitting in the case most of the time since I bought it (too many guitars)...I'm more into the stratocaster thing anyway. I would say it's still in new condition...but when I bought the guitar it had 2 small tiny little marks where you arm can't harldly see it (some people wouldn't have mentioned it). And there were 3 little tiny dingy marks near the tone controls...once can't hardly see them. I tried to photograph them the best that I could (see photos). No belt buckle rash at all. Like I said, it was hardly ever played and lived in the case most of the time. The action is very low and it plays and sounds amazing. No returns...there are no issues. See my feedback for your confidence.

Any marks other then mentioned in the description are finger print smudges, reflections etc. Guitar is looks new."


Anonymous said...

Comes with candy? Is that some sort of rock-n-roller code word?

Andrew Bellware said...

I think he just means all the "stuff" that comes with the guitar. Picks, cord, "certificate of authenticity", etc. But yeah, I'd never heard it before either.