Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Can Has Spaceship?

Brian finished up the spaceship for Solar Vengeance. It's hard to see from this picture. It looks fantastic though. Having a model like this has been my dream since I was like... 8 years old.

My feeling right now is that I'm going to wear all black and manipulate the thing past the camera by hand and then rotoscope myself out of the picture and luma-key some stars and planet in. We'll see.

Also today: Brian and I went to visit the 1896 today. We met Mike, a really nice guy who showed us all around. It's a fantastic location. We, of course, can only afford about 1/10th their normal rate but we hope to talk them down a decimal point by telling them that
  • 1. we're really nice
  • 2. we don't use very much electricity (we can't pull more than 12 amps -- with all laptops, lights, and rechargers on) and
  • 3. we'll be very flexible with our schedule -- if they need to throw us out at the last minute so a commercial client can come in, we'll happily reschedule.
Wish us luck.

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