Friday, March 14, 2008

Solar Publicity

We got an article published today in the Lacey Beacon, a publication of the Asbury Park Press (who may also publish the article.) It's all about our shoot last week.

The online version doesn't have the picture they published, but we should get a copy of that soon.

"LACEY — Move over Hollywood, Forked River is becoming a hotspot for filming independent film and TV projects.

A new independent film utilized sets built in the garage of a Forked River home on the morning of March 7.

"This project is 100 percent independent," said Laura Schlachtmeyer, a producer with Pandora Machine LLC. "Our production company is based in Metuchen. Our director, Andrew Bellware, is a lifelong Metuchen resident and was active at Rutgers as well as in Manhattan theater productions. Our post-production facilities are part of Manhattan Theatre Source, a volunteer-run theater in Greenwich Village."

The cast of the film, "Solar Vengeance," is made up of New York theatrical actors. The shoot March 7 featured Kathleen Kwan, who plays Athena, an alien combat android.

"I'm not an evil android," the petite actress said. "But I'm pretty tough. I've enjoyed acting since I was a kid," Kwan added.

Kwan has been involved in theatrical roles as well as TV and independent film work.

"I'm a Jersey girl but I live in Manhattan now," Kwan said, dressed in a futuristic black costume and dyed red hair as she sat in the interior of the "space pod" set. That set was among two that are located inside the Baldwin Avenue home owned by the family of Jason Birdsall. Birdsall is the producer of a science fiction TV and Internet project called "Venus Rises."

Kwan said she is pleased to be the lead in the science fiction feature. She was also cast in a theater production of "The Joy Luck Club."

"I'm looking for acting work," she said. "The basics of acting in a film as opposed to theater are the same but the differences are that in film you are often shooting out of order. In the theater you can do your performance slightly different each night and try new things. Today I'm filming scenes where another character in the film isn't even here."

To supplement her acting work she helps out at her father's restaurant in Scotch Plains. She's also done voiceover work and commercials.

Schlachtmeyer said "Solar Vengeance" will be distributed on DVD in domestic and international markets. "We had the same distribution for our previous two sci-fi features."

"The principal photography was done in September," Bellware said. "The film should be done and edited by May in time for it to be entered in some film festivals."

The plot of the film concerns the distant world of Necrosis 6, which serves as the galaxy's prison. A space pod containing Athena lands unannounced. Kwan's Athena serves as guard over the transfer of Elias West, a prisoner with a life sentence. The plot also concerns mind control and a mission of revenge on the part of West toward several of his fellow inmates.

Birdsall and production manager Julie Howe were present for Friday's filming. They said that work is continuing on their own sci-fi saga, which may soon be available for viewing on Direct-TV later in the year."

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