Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So, I could theoretically stay here on Blogger, or I could go to the Empirical Pleasures site (using Wordpress).

The advantage with Blogger is that I don't have to pay for bandwidth. The advantage with my own site is that (theoretically at least) it's customizable so I could make it less ugly than it is now, and when Google decides to arbitrarily shut down my blog because of the incitement to hate it brings (or whatever -- they certainly don't have to bother to tell me why they're shutting me down) I still have a blog.

Or I could just use the Empirical Pleasures site as a way to keep a backup of the Blogger blog.

What should I do? Anyone got any opinions?


Anthony said...

Of course, moving comments from one to the other could be problematic...

Joshua James said...

I like this site, for what it's worth . . . but it's all about what you want, babe.