Monday, March 24, 2008

Dog and Taxes

Even CuteOverload has a whole subcategory of "Cat's n' Racks".

This image, however, is not from cute overload. But I don't remember where it's from. The cat is awfully cute.


My sister offered a rebuttal on my post about her dog:

Her full name is "Chien d'or" for golden dog. She is golden retriever and standard poodle and her hair (poodles have hair, not fur) looks like spun white gold in certain light.

Chien was adopted as an unsocialized adult dog from a rescue group. She is likely the result of some backyard breeder who neglected her and then abandoned her when she did not get adopted as a puppy. She did not respond as one expects normal dogs to react to ovetures of happy, loving human contact. She was fearful and depressed. Over the first several weeks in our home, we tried a number of different names on her but she did not respond to anything until I tried "Chien".

The first time I said "Chien", she looked up at me in a very positive way as if she recognized and liked the sound. It was the FIRST positive response I has from her after several weeks.

THAT'S why her name is Chien.

The dog was pretty nuts when Jean first got her. But the dog is vastly less nuts now and even my cat will tolerate being in the same room as the dog.

Chien came from Carolina Poodle Rescue.


Oh look -- I just found out that I have to have all my tax information ready for my accountant by tomorrow morning. And it's 10:30 at night. Yay!

Name, address, ID# of the LLC
Name, address, SSN for all partners
and each partner's percentages
description of what the LLC does (what business it's in)
all expenses for 2007
how the money was contributed to the LLC (loans, gifts)

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