Sunday, May 30, 2010

Armageddon 2419 A.D.

Armageddon--2419 AD is basically the best name of any book ever. And it's free. I wouldn't know about stuff like this if it weren't for SF Signal.

We sent away the hard drive for the North American version of Clonehunter. That means we're all-but-done with Clonehunter except for two pieces of paperwork we have to send in -- one of which must be notarized (which is why I won't get to it until Tuesday.) And of course we still have to do whatever it is we have to do at the last minute that we don't know about yet.

My next big concern is PR. We're going to start sending out a batch of press releases, our distributor will send out press releases, try to get some interviews and reviews and suchly.

And we're getting ready to schedule Earthkiller. We'll probably start shooting on July 17th but I'm not ready to make that "official" until I work out the schedule in detail. Hopefully, if I get enough sleep, that'll be tomorrow.

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