Saturday, May 08, 2010


For me, the Hollywood Juicer is a pretty fascinating blog. Notice how the producers mysteriously don't need anyone once the rate goes sky-high at the 14th hour?

But what I really find interesting is this idea that producers and distributors have that publicity about their show is somehow bad. See the blog above. No blogging, releasing video, auctioning (which actually I can kind of understand, any property belongs to the producers so you're just stealing stuff and selling it), or texting about the production.

Now maybe if you had a particularly fantastic looking monster (you don't, Alien already came out and that was the last one), or if you have Bill Murray in Zombieland, you might want to keep that under your hat 'till the movie is released. Other than that I can't understand why producers are so opposed to the free publicity they get from blogging/texting/facebooking, etc.

OK, let's imagine the worst case scenario. A second electric has a blog where he complains endlessly about you, about the stars, etc. Gawker loves this guy. Everyone goes crazy linking to him and his gripes about how awful the coffee is, how your star threw a hissy fit when green M&M's were found at the bottom of the bowl in her dressing room, and the show runner is a drunken pluff bagger whose kitten calls all the shots on set.

So what?

I just don't get it. I'm tellin' you, I'm gonna make people sign a disclosure agreement rather than an NDA in our movies...
At this point I'm just stealing pictures from Bill Cunningham to post here. A whole pitcher of sangria, that's what you get from me.


Kangas said...

Uh, thanks. I needed another blog to waste my time reading. Fucker.

And Tremors came out AFTER Alien and it's an awesome monster!

Andrew Bellware said...

Tremors has awesome worms but we didn't need to not see them before we saw the movie. That's all I'm sayin'. ;=)