Monday, May 03, 2010

Today's Events

Included getting the cat so my stepmom could give him his medicine which she injects into his mouth with a syringe. And she got most of it in his mouth but at the last second he turned his head and deflected some of it off his teeth into my mouth. 

Doing so I learned a new word. Buprenorphine

"Buprenorphine is also used recreationally, typically by opioid users. Users sometimes report a feeling of general well being, perhaps even to the point that they may become more outgoing or talkative. Due to the high potency of tablet forms of buprenorphine, only a small amount of the drug need be ingested to achieve the desired effects."

I expect that I got so little it doesn't matter. But my tongue feels a bit numb.


Daddy David Ian said...

I'm a little confused: You talk about your adorable kittens, and yet I've been to your place several times and never seen a cat. Explain, man.

And, while we're at it: Wanna adopt Karen's two cats? I just finished allergy testing and a lung analysis, and it's official: I am -- literally -- deathly allergic, and the cats have got to GO before I keel over.


Andrew Bellware said...

The cats are invisible. Or they live with my parents in Princeton. Your choice really, cats are like that.

I say get some Advair and a good vacuum and deal with it. Cats are good for children. Also: feline pine.

Daddy Dave said...

Advair: Crap. Everything else I've tried, and I've tried everything: Crap. Steroids: Good, but costing me a fortune and slowly turning me into Kentucky Derby contender.

I just went through allergy testing; lots of needles, lots of doctors, lots of nonsense. And the result: I am so allergic, that by living with Max and Jasper for the last year and a half I have done potentially irreversable harm to my lungs, and my son is somewhere between 50%-80% as allergic as I am (frak you, genetics).

They tested my "lung age" and they are almost 70 YEARS OLD.

I'm sorry. Frak your idea. The cats, gods love 'em, are toast.

Andrew Bellware said...

You'll just have to move out then! ;-)