Sunday, May 02, 2010

High on Life

Hey, when's a great time to blog?
How about when you're stoned out of your mind on decongestants?
That sounds awesome!
It is, you should try it sometime.
Maybe I'll just watch you do it.
Sure, fine.
Did you want to say something about Colours in Culture?
Not really, I don't actually understand the graph that well.
Maybe if it were printed out larger you could study it.
Maybe, but I don't actually care that much.
How do you like your new computer?
Windows 7 is a lot less annoying than Vista.
Wow, that's a rave review.
I'll get over it.
What are you shooting now? I'm not shooting anything. We had planned at one point to be in production on Earthkiller starting May 1st, but we've had to push back production.
What about Fly By Night?
That's a more experimental picture -- it will be almost entirely bluescreen and we need at least one artist to create backgrounds full-time on it.
That'll be a lot of work.

I know.
What are the most unintentionally offensive comic book characters?
You know what would be more awesome? What if Superman had been black? I mean in real life. Fighting NAZIs.
Oh. Oh man. Oh man that is awesome.
If only someone had done that in the 70's.
Sort of like a pre-post-segregationist Watchmen.
Or that picture of Obama.
Yeah, but he's too much of a geek to be an alien.
What are you talking about? Aliens? They have to be geeks.
Lois Lane looks really hot with the big hair and the hoop earrings.
At least you're focused on the important things.

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