Sunday, May 09, 2010

Trailer for Day 2

Day 2 trailer from Andrew Bellware on Vimeo.

The Cannes film market is coming soon and our distributor put together this trailer for Day 2. I rather like this trailer. I feel like we may very well have made this movie. Usually I feel like the trailer is better than the movie we made. I think this is a good trailer and I think we made this movie. Hooray for us then!


Isaiah Tanenbaum said...


I think it's so awesome that you got Kevin from The Office to do your trailer voice! Haha. Looks great. Glad I could help you guys out!

- Isaiah

Andrew Bellware said...


Kangas said...

Pretty good trailer. Still don't did any narrators voice except that guy that just died, or anyone who can sound just like him.