Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Director's Interview

I did a buncha stuff today. Including interviewing... er... myself.

At least I did a world of color-correction to me. And who doesn't love an interview with a large-diaphragm microphone?

Now it's failing at rendering out the whole dang movie (Clonehunter) with sixteen separate audio tracks. No, I can't figure out why I only get two in the Quicktime movie. I'm working on that.*

(16 tracks? That's stereo, stereo music and effects, 5.0 full English mix, 5.0 music and effects, and a stereo pair of commentary.)

*UPDATE: oh, right. In the first tab in sequence settings (not the "audio" tab) you have to select the audio outputs (not stereo). Yup, that's intuitive.

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