Monday, May 24, 2010

More Pipe

So I nailed some 50lb picture hooks into the cloth-covered MDF walls of the Whisperroom in our studio and hung a couple guitars in there. It looks nice and it's good to get the guitars up off the floor.

I might put a couple more up in order to hang microphone cables, but that'll wait for another day.
Letus is really one of my favorite companies. I have really loved using their 35mm adapters (I've used two generation of adapters on three or four movies, with both Nikon and Canon lenses.) And now they make DSLR kits. I bet the viewfinders are going to be very nice. I went and joined their Facebook page. I know, we should all be boycotting Facebook, but I joined it anyway.
By the end of this week we have to make all our deliverables for the North American version of Clonehunter. I have to do an on-camera "Interview with the Director" for the DVD "extras". I honestly have no idea how to do that without it being silly. What am I going to do, shoot myself wearing a smoking jacket with a glass of brandy, pretentiously answering questions from a non-existing interviewer, while behind me a Titian painting is elegantly lit and just ever-so-out-of-focus?

What I need is a pipe.


Kangas said...

hahaha! I have interviewed myself for every "Making Of" I have ever done(3 and I'm about to do the 4th interviews). It's awesome fun talking to nobody!

Also, the smoking jacket and brandy is a must.

Andrew Bellware said...

So tell me the questions I gotta answer!

Man, now I gotta find an ascot on short notice...

DAVID FREY said...

I have a legit sherlock holmes pipe if you want to borrow it LOL

Andrew Bellware said...

I think the trick is what's in this pipe...