Monday, May 31, 2010

Amps, Otters, and Deliverables

I think we made all our deliverables today on Clonehunter. There's a lot of t's to cross and i's to dot so my experience tells me that I've likely missed something. And who knows what sort of mistakes could still be in the audio and video files for the North American version? Yeah, that's fairly harrowing. But I went to the Notary to get the paperwork which needed a Notary, and I signed the papers which needed signing and so hopefully we're off to the races.
Anthony Litton is back and blogging again. Go ahead, ask him detailed questions about editing audio for picture. Or about audio in videogames (he's worked on some of the biggest). Or about, say, otters. He knows many things. I'm just guessing about the otter thing.
This coming weekend the New York Amp Show is happening in... Piscataway, NJ. Um. OK. It's $20 at the door. But Metropoulos Amplification isn't listed on their vendor list. I've writ to them to make sure they'll be there. UPDATE: George Metropoulos wrote me back. They aren't doing this show. Well I can understand, these things can be expensive.
The "graphic sequencer" in eurorack format from STG Soundlabs. It's $300. I wish it had a prettier knob. But that can be replaced. Analog sequences are pretty darn expensive. They're typically upwards of five hundred bucks and you need to stick them in a rack with a power supply. Almost makes you want to just give up and get a MIDI-to-CV converter and use a computer, doesn't it?
My Lil Dawg Mutt is, at 5 watts, really freakin' loud. I mean it's really loud. Even with the cabinet inside my Whisperroom. If there's anyone else at the theater and I want to play through the amp... well let's just say I'll be playing it cleanly then. What would I do with a 50-watt amp? I guess I'll have to do all my recording at 8am.


Anthony said...

Actually, I was raised by otters until the ago of 9. I didn't know you knew that.

Andrew Bellware said...

A fact I knew but had clearly been repressing.