Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monster Camp

Monster Camp is a documentary our North American distributor is handling.
"The interior of the coated oatmeal cookie shall be crisp and have the characteristic flavor of oatmeal." That's from the MILITARY SPECIFICATION
COOKIES, OATMEAL; AND BROWNIES; COCOLATE [sic] COVERED. Go ahead and read the whole 28-page .pdf.

From a conversation on IM with Chance Shirley, regarding the creation of materials for key art:
I think the deal with key art is that graphically one or two people makes a more powerful image [than a big ensemble].So a monster, a big dude with a bigger gun, and a half-naked girl? That sounds like the making of key art to me.
Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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Kangas said...

Monster Camp looks like a movie I saw called Darkon. I guess there's no shortage of wacky people to make docs of, huh? :)