Saturday, May 15, 2010

Medical Expenses

So far today I've logged $185 in medical expenses. That's for the doctor and the antibiotics.*

I only feel slightly high from the antibiotics so I don't know I'm getting my money's worth. Typically the first day on antibiotics knocks me out for about 20 hours. I should know within an hour whether that's going to happen again for me. I'm at my parents, which is the best place to go if I'm high...

*Insert your own joke here. Something about "That's the last time I accept a drink from a woman in Bangkok" to "I gotta stay off the roofies" but really it's just a low-grade sinus infection which has been making me exhausted. Anyway, leave a better punchline in the comments and I'll edit this post, pretending I made the funnier joke all this time.

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