Saturday, September 04, 2010

Day 8 of Earthkiller (part 1)

Today we shot day 8 of Earthkiller. Our call time on set was noon and we got everyone on the 9:32pm train. But of course call time for the set crew was at 9am which meant I was on set at 8. So a little bit of tiredness is going on.
David Ian Lee plays the evil Tybalt.
At the same time, I'm very happy with how everything looks. We had some fabulous performances too.
Kari Geddes takes herself out of the equation.
Robin Kurz as Helen -- wakes up on the floor after having her mind erased (yup -- just another Saturday night.)
Robin Kurtz as Helen.
Robin Kurtz as Helen looks through the door of the Medical Bay.
Libby Csulik (as Sata) and Joe Chapman (as Riggs) with Greg Oliver Bodine (Schroder) aboard the Dominion space station.
I love the way these opening scenes worked.

I had an epiphany in the shower this morning before coming to set. I wanted the camera to rotate on the Z axis in a close-up on Helen (Maduka pointed out this is just like the shot in Psycho, and he's right). But I don't have a rig that will let me rotate the camera that way -- especially not on a tripod.
But what we CAN do is take high-resolution stills and rotate them in AfterEffects. If nothing else is moving in the shot that would totally work. And it did. So it will.

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