Saturday, September 04, 2010

Day 8 of Earthkiller (part 2)

Today we had by far the best weather we've had on this shoot.
Lucy Rayner as Cpl Raze trains her gun on a recalcitrant android.
Android hides from Airborne Alliance.
That means none of us are as oogy as we usually are when we're done.

Let's see... we wrapped Tom Rowen today. We decided that the number of pages we shoot should be measured in pounds, as in "We shot 14 pounds of dialog today".

Today we shot 28 pounds of dialog.

We had the camera overheat on us (it says it can't write to the card). Interestingly this happened when the door was open and the monitor was on. Maduka said that's the only time it's happened to him also. So maybe the answer to that problem (with a hacked GH1) is to only use the eyepiece?

Joe and Libby came in early and built a new room with this fabulous floor (which we've used as a door before). Libby made us some computer graphics to go on the giant monitor in the "robot erasing" room.
Android with mind wiped.
Androids don't like it when you hold a gun on them.
Tom Rowen as Tennyson.
And, of course, Joe made a brand-new door (with a plexiglass window in it.) It was a super-smooth door. Very nice, you could shoot from both sides.

I think the Quote of the Day goes to Greg Bodine who said "Drew! You have a... a... a... a set!"

Hoo hoo! Yes we do.

Yes we do.

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