Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Most Boring Blog Post Ever

Why do criminals wear Yankee caps? The bigger question is: why wouldn't they?

No really, you have no idea how little I care about the Mets/Yankees/Everybody else.

I think there's a more exciting blog post over there somewhere.
What I do care about is the $30 RAST chest of drawers from Ikea. Somehow out of the three places I live in (Jersey City, Metuchen, and Princeton) I don't have a single chest of drawers. You can imagine what that means for organizing my laundry. Yes. Dirty clothes in the hamper, clean clothes on the bed/chair/floor/wherever.

The girls' and boys' locker rooms in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series are hands-down the creepiest lit and scariest places in the whole series. All of a sudden you have rusty dripping faucets and under- lit lockers in and amongst the otherwise lit-like-it's-named Sunnydale High. Every time we go to the locker room it makes me laugh.

Sean McHenry is a guy who contacted me about my feature Hamlet.

And today I refoamed my speakers. Getting the old glue off the speakers and the frame-thingy was the hardest part. But now it's all good. And we can have a party at my apartment again.