Friday, September 24, 2010

Proof of Bachelorhood et al

Sexy picture of Pushkin from a couple years ago. He's still sexy.
I haven't had my cell phone for four days now. It's probably in my stepmom's car. And I haven't missed it. Which shows you my love for telephones.

But more than that it's been almost a year that I haven't had gas for the stove in my apartment. I finally got it turned back on this week. Oddly, the gas company was still charging me about six bucks a month for gas. I think I've used the microwave three times -- twice for popcorn and once for some microwavable sausages which weren't that good but were much better than they deserved to be.

My refrigerator has a 1/4 bottle of vodka in the freezer, a jar of pickles, and some wine in the door.

I'm glad most women think they can "fix" a man, because I'm clearly broken. My apartment is relatively clean though. Sometimes I am too.

UPDATE: oh and ladies! Instead of the RAST I got  the IKEA PS organizer. At $30 I was gonna get me TWO of 'em (one for my apartment and one for my parent's place) but the little orange terror machine (I mean Meydl the kitten) at my parents house thinks that socks are her pets and she'll drag them all around the house if she can get to them. I don't mind the PS organizer becoming a cat condo, because it's basically built for that (make sure you have all your dark clothes on top please) but I'm trying to avoid feline looting...

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