Monday, September 06, 2010

Earthkiller Day 10

A wrap on Katie Hannigan! Oof. I totally forgot to wrap Katie today and have us all clap for her. Eef! I feel bad. Well that's a wrap on Katie Hannigan everybody! Yay!
She had her big post-death scene. Am I giving away too much of the plot? Sorry.
Katie Hannigan, undead.
We spent much of the day avoiding shooting the bluescreen handheld. So there was more locked camera than we usually do. And more mixed drinks.

I resolve to be nicer to boom operators. When I asked Libby if she'd boom op today she said "I don't want to do sound, you're mean to your boom operators."

Zombies don't take Labor Day off. And they wear white shoes 'till Christmas.
Egads. I am mean to them. Well, I'm mean to Maduka and the Queen of Mars. I'm nice to Gabi, actually.
Now I'm going to be nice to boom operators. It's my resolve to be a better person.

Be nice to boom operators, Drew. Don't assume they know as much about sound as you do just because they know more about everything else than you do doesn't mean they know as much about sound. See how I turned that around? 
Classically trained actor David Ian Lee as Tybalt with Robin Kurtz as Helen.
Robin Kurtz as Helen.
Stacey Raymond, Mike Bordwell, and Ben Guralnik want to eat your brains.
I had a revelation when I discovered that nothing looked in focus to me today -- because the diopter was bonked and had moved off of my prescription. Oops. Fixed that.
We had the big fight scene at the end. And David Ian Lee had his big speech before he gets kittywhumped by a zombie army.

Ben Guralnik, Irene Antoniazzi, and Lisa Marie Fabrega are turning slowly into Dinobots. And they need brains to feed their growing bodies.

This is the size of set we're dealing with nowadays. That's a homing beacon in the center there.
Ben Guralnik just had BBQ, but don't be fooled -- he's still hungry. If you know what I mean.
Today, being Labor Day here in the good ol' US of A, we had Dave's Famous BBQ delivered. There was a LOT of meat. And only $300 for what... 15 people? It was my dad's birthday too so my parents were on set and we sang "Happy Birthday" to my dad with a candle in a brownie.
All in all a great weekend where we shot a lot, a lot, a lot of dialog. Holy cow. We shot a lot. I need to sleep for about two weeks now.

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