Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today's annoyance fixed

Yup, I'm just re-running old pictures from my blog. A Suicide Girl. With sword. In the desert.
So I had this really irritating problem in Firefox on one of my computers where whenever I went to Google I'd get redirected to some malware "search" site called "CL-finde" or some such thing. And no amount of anti-spyware or anti-malware or even HijackThis would help.

Until I discovered this thread which showed exactly what you have to delete to get that obnoxious hijacker gone. Jeez Louise that was annoying.

And I'll admit I was lax in my use of anti-virus because I was using a program which had a key generator which kept generating a false positive in AVG anti-virus. I know. Completely my fault and probably the result of bad karma for me using pirated software.

On that note I use a lot of open - source software nowadays. You'd be amazed at how little you need Photoshop when you spend about 20 minutes working with GIMP. And of course Blender is my choice for 3D software. On the non-open-source side my biggest anti-virus now is (gulp!) Microsoft's own free "Security Essentials". On my Macs we don't really use any anti-virus programs. They just sit there waiting for someone to get really bored and try to hack them.

Now if someone would only hack them so that they'll reliably make DVD's I'd be happy. Ha!


Unknown said...

Who is the Suicide Girl in this picture??

I have been looking for her name for months..

Andrew Bellware said...

Wow, sorry but I so have no idea. I've lost the original link unfortunately. She might not even be on Suicide Girls anymore but I'm sure she was featured at one point. That's all I've got.

Anonymous said...

She totally was a suicide girl. She is in my book at home. I will find out tonight and post her namE

Anonymous said...

yea she is one but I cant remember her name either! I have been looking for awhile too.. I couldve swore it started with a R?