Friday, September 10, 2010

I live closer now

To "Ground Zero". Although I do, as almost we all, remember well where I was back then. That was "Sweet Melissa" on Court Street with my sister. I remember us thinking "will people have places to stay?" and should we open up the apartment to people? That turned out to not be necessary.

The day was so sad. And the news casters were so excited about turning this shock and sadness into anger and war. Which, of course, made me sadder.

The lights PSE&G put up are the most beautiful remembrance. The are quiet and respectful. And they're beautiful. Interestingly there's not a lot of complain about 'em. The consensus of the lights is that they're liked.

I took this two years ago.
I guess the lights shut off early tonight. Too early for me to take a picture from my building.

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