Friday, September 24, 2010

How Will We Be Live?

I want Tyrannosaurus Mouse to look like this.
So now that we've recorded basic tracks for our album, we're talking about playing live. I have all kinds of ideas about what we should do when we play live. Most of those ideas have the band looking at me, scratching their heads, and then subtly trying to change the subject. But I keep pushing for nude dancers and a psychedelic light show while we wear groovy mixtures of jackets from the 17th through the 19th Centuries (but with paisleys.)
My thinking is that we have to play in a theater because a club just won't accommodate our dancers or our light show.
In looking at theaters, The Triad came up. That venue looks pretty groovy. They seat 130. I imagine we really need to get 130 people in there in order to break even.

How are we going to get 130 people in? We'll have dancers and a psychedelic light show. But how will anyone know about that beforehand? That's something we'll have to work on.
Next weekend in the New York Burlesque Festival. I think that when Tyrannosaurus Mouse plays live we need a fan dance during our "Arabesque". And we need psychedelic lights projected on our dancers at other times. Have I mentioned this?
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Here's a groovy interview with my friend and mastering engineer Alan Douches in Tape Op magazine.

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