Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Edward Jay Epstein Parses Some B.S.

Now I'll admit that I don't even begin to understand these issues. But in his latest blog post, Epstein looks at... well I'll tell ya, I'm assuming it's TARP and not the "stimulus package" because honestly I don't understand either one of them (although Obama is typically blamed for both by the right and the left even though Bush supported TARP and it was supported by Obama and McCain and Obama, I think, oversaw the latter-end of TARP.)

Anyway, here's Epstein's conclusion of all that money that was spent to "bail out" AIG:

I'm re-running pictures of Pushkin.
"So the Fed went ahead with the deal and, as it turned out, now stands to make a multi-billion dollar profit. So where is the scandal?"

Observant readers realize that this was predicted by the more level-headed at the time, right? Oh, no, it doesn't matter because our politics have gone from "socialist" to "death panels" to "community center of death" so it just doesn't matter.

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