Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Mouse in the Studio (with Pictures!)

Here are pictures of Tyrannosaurus Mouse in the studio. We're at Trax East in fabulous South River New Jersey, our favorite studio.

I think all these pictures were taken by Liz Rosenblatt other than the picture of Eric, me, and Eric (which was taken by Ethan Rosenblatt).
Action pic with Ethan Rosenblatt, Andrew Bellware, Arie Uyterlinde
Lou Clark on drums with Ethan Rosenblatt on bass.

Eric Rachel, Andrew Bellware, and Eric (through the glass.)

Ethan Rosenblatt with Eric Rachel at the Neotek console.
I really love recording with Eric Rachel. His studio has always felt like "home" to me. He's such a terrific guy and a great engineer.
If you want to hear what we're up to just check us out on Bandcamp where we hide nothing. Not even the worst takes.

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