Monday, January 24, 2011

Mon Oeuvre

The one part of the script I'm not so sure about is the android lesbian three-way you have in there.
But we wrote the android lesbian ménage à trois just for you!
Yeah, I know, everyone thinks that's what I want, but it's not necessarily.
How could that be? Aren't all your movies about lesbian alien androids?
Well, yes, that's frequently true but certainly not exclusively.
It seems to be a theme in your work. I thought you'd want more androids in kinky love affairs.
No, no, it's too close to real life for me.
Oh I see, you want fiction then.
Yes, although my films are personal, I don't make documentaries.


Daddy D said...

Uh... For what it's worth, one of those lesbians is named Steven, and frequently referred to as "him."

Just sayin'.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes, but it's not funny your way and my completely made-up story here IS.
(Reality... just not worth it.)

Chance Shirley said...

" lesbian ménage à trois..."

Can I pre-order this movie yet?

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes, for six thousand dollars! ;-)