Thursday, January 13, 2011


Now I got that whole Boost Mobile thing straightened out. I quit my iPhone.
Not only is the Boost "pay as you go" plan vastly cheaper for me than AT&T, it also works in my apartment. As in I could send and receive phone calls from my apartment. And although I have a telephone in my apartment, sometimes being able to text is good.
In any case, I'm sure Verizon works great everywhere. I just don't feel like spending $1200 a year on Verizon. I'm thinking I might be paying somewhere $200 for a whole year (including the Sanyo semi-smart-phone) with Boost.
And that's just how things are.

"Someone deflated your tennis racquet." and "That's worth one 'Jabberwocky'" both amused me to no end today.

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