Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Will Enjoy It

Jury Fraud Schemes are just another reason to never pick up the telephone.
I can't get Boost Mobile to get back to me when I submit via their special submission form. I suspect I have no way of not paying for the phone every day.
UPDATE: they did get back to me, but by talking to my voicemail. Which for most people represents more personal service (I just inherently hate the telephone, so I prefer email). In any case, indeed, the phone costs $2 every day whether I use it or not. Poopity. So that was a hundred-dollar mistake (the cost of the telephone). That actually makes the phone as expensive as AT&T. Plus, of course, I spent a hundred bucks on the phone. I think this means I'll be moving over to Virgin Mobile's $25/month plan.
Oh wait, no, unless I go with their "pay as you go" plan. The rates on it are... weird. And complicated. We'll see how that works. The lady on the phone should have told me about that.
This is an image from something called the Internet. There are many cute animals (and naked people) on this "Internet". For that reason alone you will enjoy it.

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