Monday, January 03, 2011

Our Songs (Part II)

UPDATE: right at 12 minutes I want a clean - sound guitar solo. And I want it to be better. 
It looks like Lou has won and there are in fact no vocals in this song. And that's not just because I'm too lazy to write words and sing, no, it's because once again Lou was right. It's much easier to go through life doing what Lou says, because eventually you're going to do what Lou says anyway, you may as well start out that way.
So the big questions be:
  1. The first guitar solo section, I kinda feel like we're the (New?) Riders of the Purple Sage. Is that really appropriate for Tyrannosaurus Mouse? It might explain my "cattle herding" yells. But is it really part of the rest of the song?
  2. I might be able to fix that with putting a more Pink Floyd-ish delayed rhythm guitar in that section. What do we think of that?
  3. Is the Hammond solo too long? I can listen to Arie's solo for any amount of time. So I'm no judge. Really, I don't think 30 minutes of distorted Hammond is even getting close to "enough".

Arie is doing a new keyboard solo. Other than that, this is probably our hit single.

Ice Maiden:
If you have a better idea for the vocal then just tell me.
The song will get Hammond in the choruses.

The only thing I can think of to do with this is to take out any bits we don't like. Otherwise it's finished.

The vocal is maybe not finished yet. I don't know. More updates to come.

One Last Drink:
The beginning phrase of the verse (where there's no singing) needs something. I'm thinking piano playing a slow dotted pair of notes in fifths. 

Thing in E:
Right now this is in limbo. It's a beer commercial. Nobody knows. Nobody's tellin' me nuthin'.

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