Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My zodiac sign may have changed! Oh noes! I might be a Capricorn now.
What I really want to be is a Ophiuchus, just because how cool would that be?*
I plugged my info in at the free chart from Alabe. I think I was born at 8:14pm but I could just be making that up. I asked my dad.

Next: I'm taking up alchemy!
*"Ophuchicus, or the snake holder, was ejected from the charts when the Zodiac was codified at the 12 we know of today, to align it more accurately with the calendar. And Libra didn't come into things until Julius Caesar's time."


Chance Shirley said...

Dude, I'm a Capricorn now, too!

Whatever that means.

Andrew Bellware said...

It means you didn't really land on the moon and now the government has to kill you.
I think.