Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bowler Hats and Pussycats

Bowler hats are hot.

Also, this isn't my cat, although it looks rather like Pushkin. I can tell it's not Pushkin 'cause Pushkin is on my lap right now. And besides, Pushkin has white back feet!

Been having a devil of a time with Adobe Premiere. It crashes all the time. It won't output an OMF file so I can edit the audio properly. It's a pain in the butt. You can copy and paste directly into After Effects though. That's huge. Everything else? Drives me nuts.

Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista are rockin'. The power masks make it look like we really lit this picture! ;-) And I can apply effects in Premiere and copy the timeline and the same effects come up in After Effects. That's almost worth what a pain in the booty it is otherwise.

Our editor Emi is being very kind to not complain about my decision to use Premiere over Final Cut Pro. But next time we'll use FCP and something like Automatic Duck to get into After Effects (unless we're really 32-bit in FCP, in which case we'll just do complex renders in After Effects and do all our color-correction and Magic Bullet Looks in FCP.)

This still from September 30 amuses me. That's Daryl Boling in the background. James Becton shouting out the slate. Occluded by James is Sarah Doudna. And Don Arrup is foisted by Ben Sulzbach.

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