Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Golden Compass

Because of my sister I'm buying into the complete marketing campaign of this movie. The books are brilliant brilliant brilliant. They kick the combined butts of J. K. Rowling and C. S. Lewis in the first dozen pages.
Anyway, I have twelve days to decide if this daemon is the right one for me. I was really hoping for a large cat but it seems most people get birds...
Update: it used to be an osprey... seems to be a lynx now... but you have the power to change it by telling the Flash animation about me. Plus also too, you can make your own!
I am so going to see this movie in two days...
Update 2: my sister made me a lion!
Update 3: who the hell turned me into a spider! That will not do. Not at all. I want the lion back.

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