Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cheapjack Mess!

"Millennium Crisis segued from stymied curiosity to doldrums to grudging small-scale fascination."
Look! It's a cheapjack-CGI-riddled mess of a sci-fi film! My favorite out-of-context pull-quote: "Is art supposed to exist in a vacuum?"
I'm thinking "In space, no one can hear you clean your room."


But wait, seriously, "liberal borrowing" from... Aeon Flux? I can't imagine what he's thinking of. We directly quote Star Wars and Blade Runner -- but Aeon Flux? Really? Really? Didn't Aeon Flux come out after we shot Millennium Crisis? And didn't it suck?*


But then "
It's not a bad movie. Just much in need of improvement." for our movie Pandora Machine from the same site. I don't recall having seen that review before.

*Update: I looked it up actually, Aeon Flux came out a few weeks before we started shooting. And indeed, I saw it. But I can't think of a single thing we would have quoted from it visually or otherwise. Was he just thinking about the tight black uniforms the androids wear? I have no idea...

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