Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our First (Good) Review(s)

From Video Business:

"Cobbling together plot elements from Blade Runner, The Fifth Element and Underworld, this low-budget sci-fi/action picture concerns a woman with chameleonic powers who is recruited by aliens to become a secret weapon in their war against another race. The plot isn’t exactly lucid, but Millennium succeeds on the strength of its flashy, stylish imagery and intriguing characterizations. Director/co-scripter Andrew Bellware keeps the proceedings moving along at a steady pace, so viewers won’t dote on the story line and instead enjoy the flow of action—and the female cast members’ form-fitting outfits.
Shelf Talk: Though Xena’s Ted Raimi is the only “name” here, the film should attract sci-fi fans and gamers looking for something outside of the Hollywood mainstream. It also deserves a push to aficionados of babe-centric fantasy series (Underworld, Resident Evil)."

And from BumsCorner:

"The best part of the movie for me is the Lucretia character. Olja Hrustic is a looker who plays the ages-old android with a cool, cynical detachment and air of mystery and superiority over everyone else. Lucretia's most startling feature is a long, metallic tentacle that springs from I-don't-know-where and can either mess you up, suck your life force, or just screw around with you. That, in addition to a cool chain-mail headdress and tight green bodysuit, helps to make Lucretia one of the most enjoyable visual aspects of the film."

I also thought it was interesting that the reviewer saw the Alice in Wonderland-ness of the movie (which is what I kept saying about Clare's part when we were shooting it.)

I'm impressed with POP Cinema and their PR. We could actually put together a press kit out of this. Hmm...

Just as a reminder:

And our first (we think) Japanese Review:


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