Monday, December 17, 2007

O So Wrong

Retire Trajan is an amusing blog, dedicated to what they believe is the over-use of a particular font. Gosh -- I just love specialists! They're so adorable in how they think things should be done in order to amuse them.
And also, completely wrong. Remember, as Claire Sommer says, "There's no reason to reinvent good design."

Update: now that I've seen this font I know why it's used so much. I'm totally using it for the Pandora Machine logo!


Chance Shirley said...

I dunno -- I'd never notice how used (overused?) that font was until I looked at the site. I think a request for originality isn't unreasonable.

I think I'm going to hand paint the opening credits for INTERPLANETARY. But I'll probably use some serif font as a guide, as I'm not much of a painter.

Andrew Bellware said...

You're gonna hand-paint the Trajan font and LIKE it! ;-)