Monday, December 10, 2007

No CG part One!

As I've mentioned earlier, the purpose of making movies is to impress my friends. To impress Chance Shirley we're going to try to do some old-school visual effects work. For a series of shots in Solar Vengeance we're attempting to use actual real models that Brian Schiavo is making.
I grew up fantasizing about having spaceship models -- I was never that good at building them. But now I have Brian so I get all the cool "look at this model" experience without having glue everywhere and parts of the models stuck in my hair (again.)
Here is the basic shape of the alien cargo ship model. It's a little more than a meter long.
And here is the fuselage (unfinished and undetailed, of course).
We're going to have to shoot with a very deep focus, and overcranked. So that means a lot of light. Now all those complaints I remember reading in Starlog and Cinefex by effects artists about the heat from the lighting melting the models is making sense...


Chance Shirley said...

Consider me already impressed!

Y'all going to shoot these on the HVX200 at 60p?

Andrew Bellware said...

Good, then my work here is done!
We're going to try to shoot at 60p. We're going to need a bunch of light 'cause with the adapter we're shooting like 25 - 50 ISO and we need to be stopped down something like at least 8.0 or even more. Looks like I'll be doing some calculations! Since we have no motion control rig we're going to have to make it work in a single pass.
Unless we shoot it stop motion. But then how do we deal with motion blur?
Looks like we'll be doing some tests!