Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nina Axelrod

Did you know that Nina Axelrod was considered for the part of Rachel in Blade Runner? Here's a still from her screen test. Her father wrote the screenplay for The Manchurian Candidate.

ou learn these things from the 5-DVD "Ultimate" collection of Blade Runner.

You also learn you're a total dork who actually watches all 5 DVD's in the "ultimate" Blade Runner collection. Well, maybe "you" don't learn that. But I learned that... about... um... me.


Anonymous said...

Big Nina Axelrod fan, me. She was in "Cross Country," which I saw about 5 times when it was on HBO, 20 yrs ago. As I recall (spoiler alert!) she turns out to be the killer, in that one. Of course, she was in "Motel Hell." What else?

Andrew Bellware said...

I think it would have been interesting to have her and the dude who played "Holden" as the leads in Blade Runner.

James M. Tate said...

I interviewed Morgan Paull and a lot of people noted the similar traits between he and Ford. Also, the last thing they'd done together was a show where Paull had the guest star lead and Ford had hardly a part at all, and Harrison Ford said to Paull, "I'm in charge this time," with a knowing grin. But I think Morgan and NIna's age would be too far apart, or would seem that way anyhow.

James M. Tate said...

She's great, and pretty. Am watching Time Walker now but... she wouldn't have been as good as Sean Young. Although after interviewing Morgan Paull from Blade Runner and PJ Soles from Stripes, Young was a nightmare to work with, so Nina would have made a better atmosphere, probably, but... The cast was good.