Saturday, December 15, 2007

To get that music out of your head

Here's a little sumpthin' sumthin' to get all that awful Christmas music they play in all the stores out of your head for a while. The name of the piece is Shchedrik and it's a Ukranian folk song, but you'll recognize the melody as "Carol of the Bells". You'll find this to be the finest version you've ever heard -- it's arranged by the brilliant Nikolai Kachanov and performed by the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York. I recorded them Wednesday night at St. Joseph's on 6th Avenue.

Amusingly, my brother David described my "band" Prague Spring thusly:

"Flock of Seagulls meets New Riders of the Purple Sage
meets10CC meets Enya in Gotham at the end of a poignant episode of Law
and Order."

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Laura, Queen of Mars said...

I had to download the file instead of playing it through the site. It sounds so good!