Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Fortunate Life

First of all, I get a great comment on my Ash/Bishop post (see below) from the writer of "Spoiler Alert". (Man, I feel so dorky. Of course, I did skip school in the 10th grade so I could walk to the movie theater in Menlo Park and see the first showing of Alien. I've never been the same since...)

Then I saw Greg Oliver Bodine in his one-man Christmas Carol. I was positively weepy throughout -- it's such a beautiful and moving Christmas play. (And what an amazing piece of writing. Dickens is clearly furious with anger at the wealthy who blame the poor for their troubles, but he knows better than to make a simple propaganda piece and makes such a beautiful story about people rather than about the general injustice of the Malthusians who scorn the impovershed.)

Plus, my lastest movie keeps getting reviewed. Not always the best reviews, but they spell our names right!

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